Triangle Recovery Club is  open to any 12 step meetings

Email us for a spot:

AA,NA,HA Al-anon,Nar-Anon, CA,SA,GA, Ala-teen and any 12 step meeting. 


Meeting  Schedule

Large Room 

Small  Room 

Due to COVID19  meeting schedules have changed. Meetings in red are not meeting yet.


9:00 am      AA -  "Upon Awakening Group"  (Open Meeting/ 11th Step)
12:00 pm    Vacant
7:00  pm     AA- "Sunday Second Chance" Open -Big Book Meeting
8:30 pm     AA- Open -Secular meeting 

7:00 am      AA- "Upon Awakening Group"  (Open/Discussion)
12:00 pm    Vacant
6:30 pm      HA "Dope-Less Hope- Fiends"  ( 1st Heroin anonymous meeting in State of Maryland)
8:00 pm      NA  "Men's Round Up" Starts October 6th
7:00 am        AA- "Upon Awakening Group"  (Open/Discussion)
12:00 pm    Vacant
6:30 pm      HA "Dope-less-Hope-fiends"  Heroin Anonymous 
8:00 pm      AA "Desire to Stop"  Open Meeting
7:00  am    AA- "Upon Awakening Group"  (Open/Discussion)
12:00 pm   Vacant
6:30 pm     AA " 818 Spiritual Awakening Group"  Open Meeting
8:00 pm     AA " Progress not Perfection" Open Meeting
7:00 am    AA- "Upon Awakening Group"  (Open/Discussion)
12:00 pm  AA- Pizzas and Big Books ( open- Read out of Big Book and Discuss) 
6:30 pm  "What About Us"  Family Support Group  Open Meeting
6:30 pm   CA- Cocaine Anonymous  
8:00 pm   AA  " Stepping Out" 12 & 12 Step Study Open Meeting

7:00 am   AA- "Upon Awakening Group"  (Open/Discussion)  
12:00 pm  Vacant
6:30 pm   Open Meeting  HA "Dope-less-Hope-fiends"  Heroin Anonymous 
8:00 pm    AA  "Friday Night Frenzie Group"  Open Meeting 
( Last Friday of the Month will be a " Chip Celebration Meeting- Anyone celebrating 30,60,90 days, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 18 months or multiple years can pick up chip/ community cake and fellowship to follow)   Open 
7:00 am   AA- "Upon Awakening Group"  (Open/Discussion)
12:00 pm  AA- Open -Sobriety is Sweet- Meeting 
6:30  pm  NA- Narcotics  Anonymous Meeting

10:00 pm  AA Open Meeting

                             AA-Alcoholics Anonymous  NA- Narcotics Anonymous  HA- Heroin Anonymous  

CA- Cocaine anonymous CDA-   Chemical Dependency Anonymous GA- Gamblers Anonymous  OA- Over Eaters Anonymous and more as they come.

Closed meetings

are for A.A. or 12 Step members only, or for those who have a drinking problem and "have a desire to stop drinking."

Open meetings 

are available to anyone interested in a 12 step program of recovery from addiction. Non alcoholics/Addicts  may attend open meetings as observers.