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The Triangle Recovery Club of Westminster

The Triangle Recovery Club of Westminster is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to provide assistance to the Carroll County Residents alcohol and drug recovering community. The basis for this assistance is

to furnish a clean, safe facility and environment in which to conduct Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as well as other twelve-step related meetings based on the principles established in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Additional support is offered through the Triangle Club by providing coffee, organizing recovery events and conducting other twelve step activities. Each group can hold a meeting here with a percentage of collection going to club for rent, coffee and house supplies and a percentage for your group.This allows for smaller groups to grow and not worry about supplies! 

Donate to help Keep us going

Dollars in the basket only do a portion we need your help...

Donate here for memorial plaques, events or just to help with our expences ( when you get to message part just put what it is for) All donations are tax deductible. DONATE

Donated picture by local artist. Must see to believe...

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